About Restaurant Business

What is the most important tool in the restaurant business

restaurant table setKnifes are the single most important tool in the restaurant. Restaurants are known by their quality of food, service, and decor. Knifes help prepare the food for the restaurant clientele. A chef with a dull or poor quality knife and lack of other high quality restaurants equipment is like a hunter without a gun. A good quality knife set is the tools of the trade. Chefs that are skilled in culinary arts find the knife the single most used tool of the trade. A quality knife set can be purchased for a reasonable amount.

What to stay away from when purchasing a good quality knife set

Cheap knife sets are identifiable by a few very easy to spot quality. One of these quality’s is that the metal of the blade does not go through the shank of the knife. A metal blade that is through the handle ads rigidity and reliability to the knife. A blade that is molded into the handle stock is a poor choice. A soft wood handle is another poor choice. Soft woods allow for breakage. Wood holds bacteria and soft wood becomes fragile when subjected to cleaning. Soft wood handles also break during knife use. Soft wood handles should not be considered as knife choices. A knife blade that is flimsy and constructed from cheap steel is another red flag for knifes. Cheep steel causes the knife to not cut square and precise. The cheap steel allows bends and chinks in the blade. The blade will fracture as time allows. Cheep stainless steel will not last. Stainless steel blades made with impurity in the metal actually will rust. Serrated knifes are not really recommended for restaurant quality knifes. Serrated knifes are difficult to sharpen. Metal brads that fasten the knife shank to the handle should not be steel. The brads should be brass, brass does not rust like steel brads.

What to seek in a good knife set

Carbon rolled steel blades are the most desired component of restaurant quality knife sets. Carbon rolled steel has been used for over a thousand years to fashion good quality knife blades. The steel of a carbon knife blade is infused with carbon that adds strength to the knife blade. Carbon blades also keep a sharper edge then other metals. Handles that are constructed from plastic that is nonporous is the most desirable handles for knifes. Nonporous handles don’t allow food and bacteria to thrive in the knife handles. Bacteria of this nature can cause sickness and disease. Dishwasher safe handles are another asset for knifes. Hard wood that is sealed very well is OK for knife handle construction.

What makes a complete knife set for a restaurant

knives setA number one requirement is two chef knifes. One Chef knife should be 10 inches and the other 12 inches. These sizes allow for different cutlery use. Chef knifes are the primary knife that will do most of the slicing and cutting in culinary arts. A Boning Knife is the next type of knife to have in the knife set. Boning Knifes are sharp, narrow and flexible to allow the knife to follow the bone and cut away the meet. A Boning Knife is perfect for boning a turkey or chicken. A Bread Knife is another selection to include in your knife set. Bread Knifes are generally serrated and are saw like in appearance. The saw like action allows the knife to glide through the bread without tearing the bread. Smooth slicing is accomplished with a Bread Knife. A Paring Knife is a knife with many uses. The Paring knife is used to remove cores from vegetables and fruits. The short stout knife is perfect for utilitarian purposes. A Fillet Knife is a long thin knife used to remove bones from fish or poultry. The Filet Knife flexes and follows the bone while staying very close to the division line of the meat, this allows the separation of meat from bone without much meat loss.